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Specification Overview


Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners : IVC 7.2

Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners  


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* ICFS has reserves rights to change in the product / colour without prior notice for continuous development.

Product Features
Why this tool ?

• Light weight design - Easy & Comfortable holding during use.
• Wireless operation provides total free movement of cleaning from Room to Room.
• Can be charged in car or computer for repeated work.
• Works on Ni-MH rechargeable battery.
• The filter can be washable. No need to replace it frequently. Long life.
• Easy empty, bag-less dirt bowl for easy clean up.
• 3 - stage filtration helps to prevent dust from escaping into the air.
• Includes three interchangeable attachments for different usages.
• Easy to clean.
• Low noise

Strong Powerful Battery, More Durable :
With 300mAh battery, it can work about 20 minutes continuously
Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners

Specification Overview

Product Accessories Double Layer Filtration Systems
Double Layer Filtration Systems

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