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ICFS 1k Assembly Polyurethane Expansion Crack/Gap Filling PU Foam Spray 750ML

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  • Window and Door Frame Installation, Mounting and Sealing.
  • Insulation of Electrical outlets, Hot and Cold Water Pipes, Large Cracks, Holes, Joints & Openings etc.
  • Fills Interconnection Spaces in the Roof Construction, Corrugated steel and Roof Tiles.
  • Soundproofing application on Screen, Partition Walls, Car and Boat Cabins.
  • Improving Thermal Insulation in Cooling Systems.
  • Ageing resistant PU FOAM.
  • Used in various material CONCRETE,PLASTER,BRICK,FLOORBOARD.

Use ICFS 1k Assembly Premium Grade Polyurethane Expansion PU Foam Insulation Sealant Spray to improve your sealing and insulation tasks. The spaces around windows, tiles, doors, and air conditioning units are ideal for sealing with this 750 ml can of light yellow sealant. Its premium polyurethane composition stretches to efficiently fill spaces, guaranteeing financial savings and energy efficiency. Both professionals and do-it-yourselfers may easily apply this sealant with the help of the provided spray nozzle. Its resilience guarantees long-lasting defense while preserving a stylish appearance. This quality PU foam sealant is your dependable go-to option for effective insulation and sealing, whether you're working on a professional project or your house.

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